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Patashala is one of the best online tutoring platform. Established in 2019, we provide high-quality education by creating an environment that encourages students to achieve their academic goals and success.

Patashala is a skill development platform with a mission to develop the next generation of achievers, the main focus on technology skills. Our aim is to provide absolute flexibility & interactivity to students who wish to take online and offline tuitions. We provide barrier-free learning experiences to students of all age groups. At patashala, our priority is to provide the best e-platform for tuition classes in India.

At Patashala online education platform,  we will also discuss and answer questions of the parents and students often have in their minds about online tuition classes. We provide online tuition for all curriculum with a focus on maths, sciences, and commerce subjects. Our tutors are experienced, qualified, and passionate about their subjects.

Benefits :

The benefits of online tuition platforms are numerous. Firstly, they offer a vast pool of talented and experienced tutors, from whom students can choose the best fit for their individual learning needs. Additionally, online tuition platforms allow for flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. With lessons delivered over the internet, students can learn from anywhere,  any time, as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

Our Team

Our professional tutors will ensure that you perform to the best of your ability in written tests, mock exams, and interview skills. With our best online learning platform for competitive exams and the best academic resources, you can focus on your academic future and prepare for competitive exams.

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Students can benefit from our interactive whiteboard sessions, and these sessions can be recorded for future reference. Our professionals will make your life easier by providing pre-planned and well-researched tutoring sessions.