Grade 6-10 | As/Alevel | 12-11 grade | AP course.


Grade 6-10 | As/Alevel | 12-11 grade | AP course.


Grade 6-10 | As/Alevel | 12-11 grade | AP course.


Grade 6-10 | As/Alevel | 12-11 grade | AP course.


Business Studies


Grade 6-10 | As/A level  | 11 & 12 Grade


Central Board of Secondary Education annually specifies each chapter and topic that students need to learn for that particular academic year. And also specify the number of lectures each chapter must be given for completion.

With Patashala’s CBSE Standards-based test prep and guidance from experienced teachers, students are prepared for their exams effectively.

We currently offer maths and science to grades 5–10. PCMB, commerce subject, English, and History to Grades 11–12.


A private board of school education, the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. In India, the majority of schools offer ICSE.

ICSE is designed to foster knowledge application and problem-solving abilities. ICSE is designed to encourage the application of knowledge and the development of problem-solving skills.

Patashala provides tutoring support for students taking the ICSE curriculum in grades 5 through 10.

The ICSE curriculum is completely familiar to our teachers.

We offer Math, Science, English, and History as subject options.


A certificate of secondary education recognized in the United Kingdom and equivalent to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

The IGCSE is recognized throughout the world, and most Indian schools offer the IGCSE.

There is a priority placed on knowledge over grades in the IGCSE.

Patashala helps students achieve curriculum goals by improving critical thinking skills and creativity. The following subjects we help tutor are Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English.

US Curriculum

American curriculum study for 13 years from the previous kindergarten to grade 12

Kindergarten through grade 5 is considered elementary school. Middle schools aged 11 to 14 are in grades 6-8.

Those students who are 14-18 can transition into high school, which is grades 9-12 and provides tuition assistance to those students in grades 6-12, which prepares them for high school.

9-12 students to complete a certain number of credits to earn a high school diploma and be prepared for university. We are currently providing Math, Science subject help and other subjects (English, and Social Studies) will be included soon.


Basic Math Foundation

Basic Organic Chemistry Foundation

Basic Scientific Calculation