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What is Patashala?

Patashala is the Best Online Tutoring Platform.

How do I join Patashala?

Just click on WhatsApp and chat with us.

Can I use a smartphone for live online lessons?

Yes, you can use a smartphone to join a live online lesson. However, the lesson experience is best when you use a desktop computer or laptop and use your smartphone to access other quizzes and activities.

What else do I need for an online lesson?

Try and find a quiet place to join your live online lessons, if it is possible.

What methods will be used to teach me online?

There are various methods according to the requirement of the course and grade Which include regular online lectures, PowerPoint slides, interactive discussions, and many more teaching aides as per requirement.

How do I get homework, assignment, test, etc.?

Homework will be assigned after the session with the guidance of the Tutor if required. The test will be provided online.

How much does an online class cost?

The cost of the class will be according to grades, subject, and Number of hours required. Which will be conveyed in detail by our PRO.

What if I drop the class, will the money be refunded?

Money will be refunded, only in case if it is informed 2 hours before the session.

When do I have to pay for the session?

The first session is free, after confirmation of the session by students & Parents. Need to register with us and pay 50% amount of the session.

How many classes can I take?

We can customize it according to the need. Students are allowed to take chapter-wise classes, Single subjects, or all the subjects in the curriculum.

Do I get the recorded lecture?

Yes, we do have an option of providing the recorded lecture for the student’s convenience.